Clean Energy Trainer

The Clean Energy Trainer resembles a complete renewable energy micro grid. It combines solar and wind power with hydrogen based energy storage.
Designed for basic training needs, students can observe the entire energy conversion chain and learn about the individual technologies. The learning and experimentation software allows to simulate different load and weather profiles requiring students to combine the individual energy components to different setups matching energy supply or demand. Students develop basic competence in the dimensioning of renewable energy systems.

Key Features

Cover all topics with one product!

  •     Teaching kit solar
  •     Wind power training
  •     Fuel cell training
  •     Electrolysis training
  •     Hybrid training
  •     Energy management

The leading Clean Energy Trainer kit include a comprehensive textbook, experiment manuals,
teacher notes and classroom guides.

Product Features

  •     PC supported measurement and experimentation
  •     Components can be used seperately and combined
  •     Comprehensive instruction and experiment guide

Software aided

  •     Simulation of load/source profiles
  •     Visualisation of operating parameters
  •     Generation of characteristic curves

Sample Experiments

  •     Behaviour and characteristic curve of a solar module
  •     Behaviour and characteristic curve of a wind generator
  •     Efficiency of an electrolyser
  •     Efficiency of a fuel cell
  •     Hydrogen generator from renewable sources
  •     Optimal alignment of renewable sources

Suitable for

  •     Universities
  •     Colleges
  •     Vocational Training Centers
  •     Schools

Documentation & Experiments

Sample Experiments

  • Optimal adaptation of renewable energy sources
  • Production of hydrogen from renewable energy sources
  • Calculation of efficiency and power loss of solar cells/wind generators
  • Observation of the properties of water during electrolysis
  • Determining the characteristic curve of a fuel cell

Experiment Example EN

Experiment Example DE

Experiment Example FR


The included learning and experimentation software allows the investigation of functions and impacts of the individual components.

Every component can be examined in detail including the measurement and visualization of operating parameters in tables and graphs. Characteristic curves can be generated manually or fully automatic.

Furthermore different weather and load profiles can be selected which simulate loads in three stages. The user gets a load profile as a basis for adapting the energy generation and storage components into a complete renewable energy system fulfilling the requirements of the selected profiles.


  •     Simulation of load and source profiles
  •     Visualization of operating parameters in tables and graphs
  •     Manual and fully automatic generation of characteristic curves


Solar Module
The 4-cell solar module generates electrical energy from solar power. The electrolyzer as well as different loads can be supplied directly from the solar module. The practical base enables the alignment towards a light source in three different positions.

Wind Generator
The wind generator generates electrical energy from wind power. The electrolyzer and loads can be supplied directly from the wind generator. The angle and the number of rotor blades can be varied.

The electrolyzer generates hydrogen from electrical energy. It is operated with distilled water and requires no caustic solutions or acids.

Gas Holder
The gas holder is used for the intermediate storage of the produced hydrogen and oxygen. A scale on the holder facilitates the measurement of the produced and used hydrogen.

Fuel Cell Stack
The 5-cell fuel cell stack generates electrical energy from hydrogen and oxygen. For conducting different experiments the stack can be varied regarding the number of cells (1 to 5 cells).

USB Data Monitor
The USB Data Monitor is used for data acquisition and processing of all components. A USB interface enables the connection to the software. The electronic load as well as the integrated voltage supply can be controlled via the software.

The photometer (luxmeter) extends the possibilities with experiments regarding solar energy and is used for measuring the light intensity.

The practical anemometer extends the possibilities with experiments regarding wind power and is used for the measurement of wind speed.


The special double spotlight is used for simulating sunlight. It comes with the optimal light spectrum for operating the solar modules.

The desktop fan is used for simulating wind. It has the optimal power for operating the wind generator.

Product Overview

Art.-Nr. 410

  •     Wind Generator
  •     2 x Solar Panel
  •     4 x Gas Storage 30 ml
  •     2 x Electrolyzer
  •     Take-apart Fuel Cell Stack
  •     Load Simulator (House)
  •     USB Data Monitor
  •     PC Software
  •     Wind Speed Meter
  •     Radiation Sensor
  •     Instruction Manual and Experiment Guide


  •     Double Spotlight (Item No. 421)
  •     Fan (Item No. 422)

Clean Energy Trainer Classroom Bundle

  • 6x Clean Energy Trainer, Item No. 960
  • 6x Clean Energy Trainer (with Safety Plugs), Item No. 961
  • 6x Clean Energy Trainer Lamp, Item No. 962
  • 6x Clean Energy Trainer Fan, Item No. 963