University Students create a Fuel Cell powered Go-Kart

Electrical engineering students from TFH Berlin, University of Applied Sciences had been working on creating an alternative energy go-kart. The team of students designed their go-kart to utilize hydrogen and fuel cells as their power source and with the help of our Nexa® Fuel Cell System, the students were able to complete their design. Throughout their project, the team at TFH Berlin really demonstrated their understanding of the advantages of fuel cells as a new and cutting edge power source that would help their go-kart’s range and efficiency.

The team composed their vehicle using our 1.2Kw fuel cell to power the go-kart’t motor. Through this project, the student’s were able to get hands-on experience with installing and using fuel cell systems. Dr. Till Hühns described the experience of using fuel cells as an alternative energy by saying, “Fuel cell technology is not mere theory anymore, but became a real experience for our students with the help of Heliocentris.” We, at Heliocentris, are so happy to be able to partner with students and educators like TFH Berlin and expose more people to the greatness of hydrogen fuel cells.

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