Fuel Cell Training Lab in Southern California

HyDrive – Electric Vehicle Trainer

Recently, Horizon Educational and Heliocentris Academia hosted a fuel cell training session at Rio Hondo College in Whittier, California. Rio Hondo’s Alternative Fuel Program was created by Professor John Frala and through his program, he has created the first hydrogen fuel cell training certificate in the United States. Professor Frala’s program is designed to train automotive technicians on all types of alternative fuel sources, in order to properly prepare them for any automotive technician job.

Many of Professor Frala’s students have received job offers companies like Tesla, Honda, Proterra, and Los Angeles Metropolitan Transport Authority. As Professor Frala has created and expanded his program, he hopes that it can be used to create more alternative fuel programs in colleges throughout the United States.

Hybrid Energy Lab-System

Over the two day training session, we covered several of our trainers including the Fuel Cell Trainer, Hybrid Energy Lab-System, and HyDrive – Electric Vehicle Trainer. Professor Frala obtained these trainers to incorporate into his fuel cell certificate program and give his students a greater understanding of fuel cell technology through hands-on experiences.

Along with Professor Frala and some of his staff, the event was attended by professors from Mount San Jacinto College, East Los Angeles College, and others throughout the Southern California region. Each of these professors are interested in bringing fuel cell education to their campuses over the coming years and wanted to learn more about how professor Frala intended to set up our trainers within his program.

If you would like to learn more about Professor John Frala’s alternative fuels program, please visit Rio Hondo College’s link here or follow Professor Frala’s blog!

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